Northeast Wind Resource Center

Increasing wind energy literacy in the Northeast.

Supporting fact-based decision making.

The Northeast could soon have projects similar to this one off the coast of England.

Located in Woodstock, Maine and built in 2011.

The 20 MW Spruce Mountain Wind Project.


The Northeast Wind Resource Center (NWRC) is the regional epicenter for salient, unbiased information on land-based and offshore wind energy in the Northeastern United States. The NWRC serves the information needs of New England and New York for land-based wind, and that same region plus New Jersey in the case of offshore wind.

Published research, studies, and analyses associated with the issues impacting public acceptance of wind deployment are available in the NWRC Resource Library.

The NWRC is supported in part by a grant from the US Department of Energy, and is managed by Clean Energy Group and Sustainable Energy Advantage. The Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative serves as key liaison to the wind industry. Read more about the NWRC here.