Press Release and Fact Sheet

MEETING NOTICE: The next Massachusetts Wind Working Group meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 10th, from 2:00 to 4:00 PM, at IBEW Local 103, 256 Freeport St., Dorchester, MA. The meeting will feature a presentation on the Northeast Wind Resource Center. We would like to get your input on what you would like the Center to focus on over the next 3 years and how you would like to participate. There will also be a discussion on the future of the Massachusetts Wind Working Group – how do you see it evolving? What sorts of activities should it include? What should be its relationship to the NWRC? RSVP to, and please pass this message along to anyone who might be interested in attending.

The Northeast Wind Resource Center website is under construction. Thank you for your interest in the Northeast Wind Resource Center (NWRC), a project managed by Clean Energy Group, Sustainable Energy Advantage, and the Maine Ocean Wind Industry Initiative. The NWRC is partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The NWRC will support well-informed, fact-based decisions regarding wind projects by providing credible information, targeted outreach, and direct engagement with stakeholders and decision makers about wind energy deployment in the northeast. Specifically, the Center will address land-based wind siting in New England and New York, and, for off-shore wind, that same region plus New Jersey.

The NWRC website, now under construction, will serve as a place where local, state and regional decision-makers, the media, and other stakeholders can convene and access information about land-based and offshore wind. Published research, studies, and analyses associated with the issues impacting public acceptance of wind deployment will be available on this web-based clearinghouse.

The Center itself builds on a strong foundation of policies at the state level, extensive networks of stakeholders interested in wind energy, and important prior stakeholder engagement and educational activities, including the New England Wind Energy Education Project, the Offshore Wind Accelerator Project, and the New England Wind Forum. State policies driving demand for renewable energy generation require the development of appropriately sited wind, which faces challenges that include public acceptance and high costs, to name a few.

We are currently working to launch the Center and will update this website to reflect our progress. We appreciate your patience as we develop the NWRC program. In the interim, if you need to reach us, please contact us at:

Val Stori, Clean Energy Group (offshore wind)

Deborah Donovan, Sustainable Energy Advantage (land-based wind)