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NWRC Newsletters

The NWRC publishes two newsletters: The Northeast Land-Based Wind Newsletter and the Offshore Wind Accelerator Project Newsletter.

Northeast Land-Based Wind Newsletter
This monthly newsletter reports on news, resources, activities, and upcoming events related to land-based wind in the Northeastern U.S. By signing up for the NWRC's land-based wind mailing list, you are also subscribing to this newsletter.

Offshore Wind Accelerator Project (OWAP) Newsletter
This bimonthly newsletter features updates and success stories about policy, technology, and financing around the U.S. offshore wind industry. Each issue lists upcoming webinars and events, as well as a recap of recent news stories affecting U.S. offshore wind. The OWAP Newsletter is a collaboration between Clean Energy Group and the Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), and is supported by the NWRC. By signing up for the NWRC's offshore wind mailing list, you are also subscribing to this newsletter.

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Newsletters & Mailing Lists from Related Organizations

WINDExchange is the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Wind Program's platform for disseminating credible information about wind energy. The purpose of WINDExchange is to help communities weigh the benefits and costs of wind energy, understand the deployment process, and make wind development decisions supported by the best available information. The WINDExchange Newsletter is issued by the U.S. DOE’s Wind Program twice a month to inform program partners and interested individuals of wind energy events, webinars, financial opportunities, new publications, state success stories, and other wind related activities. Sign up here.

Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII)
The Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII) represents industry expertise within the ocean and wind industry supply chains. Their mission is to unify and network the wind industry in Maine to expand their contribution to the wind market. MOWII’s Maine Breeze newsletter is a concise monthly update on wind and ocean energy in Maine. Sign up here.