Infrasound Emission from Wind Turbines

This article distinguishes between three different types of noise from wind turbines: (1) machinery noise, (2) aerodynamic rotor noise, and (3) infrasound (this “noise is sometimes described to subjectively have a ‘thumping’ character”).  The article is a survey of “all known published measurement results of infrasound from wind turbines.”  The author concludes that “wind turbines of contemporary design with the rotor placed upwind produce very low levels of infrasound.”  In contrast, “wind turbines with a downwind rotor generate considerably higher infrasound levels, which may violate relevant assessment criteria in distances up to several hundred meters.”  Nevertheless, because these infrasound levels drop below the criteria at longer distances, the author questions “if the infrasound can be the objective cause of negative public reactions to large downwind turbines.” (authored by Jakobsen, J.) Read the full article here.

Wind Type: Land Based Wind
Author: Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Publication Date: August 17, 2005
Topic: Environmental Impact
Resource Type: Journal
File Type: Link
Geographic Focus: International
Keywords: Physiological Impacts, Sound and Vibration
Prepared For: Journal of Low Frequency Noise Vibration and Active Control
Peer Reviewed: Yes
Funding Source: Danish Environmental Protection Agency

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