Planning for Offshore Energy Development: How Marine Spatial Planning Could Improve the Leasing/Permitting Processes for Offshore Wind and Offshore Oil/Natural Gas Development

A new report from the Analysis Group finds that ocean planning could improve the efficiency of offshore wind development in several ways, including improving coordination and cooperation between agencies and stakeholders; improving the quality and quantity of and access to marine spatial information; reducing regulatory and financial risk for developers by streamlining the permitting process; and clarifying areas that are best suited for development and those best suited for conservation. Read the full report here.

Wind Type: Offshore Wind
Author: Analysis Group, Inc.
Publication Date: June 1, 2013
Topic: Policy and Regulation, Siting and Technology
Resource Type: Report
File Type: PDF
Geographic Focus: National
Keywords: Leasing, Marine Spatial Planning, Natural Gas, Oil, Permitting

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