Rhode Island Renewable Energy Siting Partnership Final Report: Volume 1, Summary Report

“The Renewable Energy Siting Partnership (RESP) is a state-wide renewable energy resource assessment and siting analysis in Rhode Island that blends a worldwide literature review, state-specific original research, and an extensive stakeholder engagement process to help Rhode Islanders evaluate and plan for renewable energy in their communities.”  One of the three categories of renewable energy the RESP examined was “onshore wind energy projects between 100 kW and 1.5 MW.”  The purpose of Chapter 1 of this document, which focuses on wind energy exclusively, “is to provide a summary of the best available science regarding wind resources in Rhode Island and to highlight relevant siting considerations that municipalities may wish to consider when reviewing or siting a wind energy project.” (authored by Gold, M. and McCann, J.) Read the entire document here.

Wind Type: Land Based Wind
Author: University of Rhode Island
Publication Date: January 31, 2013
Topic: Siting and Technology
Resource Type: Report
File Type: Link
Geographic Focus: Rhode Island
Keywords: Project Best Practices
Prepared For: Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources
Peer Reviewed: Yes
Funding Source: Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources

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