Wind Turbines and Human Health

This review provides “a bibliographic-like summary and analysis of the science around” the association between wind turbines and health effects.  The review encompasses the roughly 60 scientific peer-reviewed articles on this issue at the time of publication.  The authors conclude that “the available scientific evidence suggests that [electromagnetic fields], shadow flicker, low-frequency noise, and infrasound from wind turbines are not likely to affect human health; some studies have found that audible noise from wind turbines can be annoying to some.”  Based on their review, the authors “provide a number of recommended best practices for wind turbine development in the context of human health.” (authored by Knopper, L. D.; Ollson, C. A.; McCallum, L. C.; Whitfield Aslund, M. L.; Berger, R. G.; Souweine, K.; and McDaniel, M.) Read the entire review here.

Wind Type: Land Based Wind
Author: Intrinsik Environmental Sciences Inc.
Publication Date: June 19, 2014
Topic: Environmental Impact
Resource Type: Journal
File Type: Link
Geographic Focus: International, National
Keywords: Health Impacts, Physiological Impacts
Prepared For: Frontiers in Public Health
Peer Reviewed: Yes
Funding Source: Instrinsic Environmental Services

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